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Children’s Theatre of Knoxville will be auditioning for roles in the production, The Little Prince, in its new location at the Farragut building in downtown Knoxville. We will be casting two boys ages 8-12, as well as a variety of roles for boys, girls, men and women, of all ages and experience levels October 26th at 3:00 PM, and October 27th at 7:00 PM at Children’s Theatre of Knoxville, in the historic Farragut Building.

Knoxville, Tenn. – Children’s Theatre of Knoxville will present their fifth production and last play of the 2008 season, the beloved children’s classic, The Little Prince. Written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince will be directed by Zack Allen, Executive Director of Children’s Theatre of Knoxville. Just in time for the holidays, The Little Prince will debut at their new home in the second floor ballroom of the historic Farragut Building, 530 S. Gay St., downtown Knoxville, next door to the historic Tennessee Theater.

To audition, actors should come prepared to perform a one-minute monologue and do a cold reading from the script. Auditions will be held October 26th at 3:00 PM, and October 27th at 7:00 PM at Children’s Theatre of Knoxville, in the historic Farragut Building.

The Little Prince was written by a famous French airplane pilot, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, during World War II. It is a well-known children’s spiritual allegory, and is one of the most widely translated French books in literary history.

The Little Prince tells the story of the narrator, an airplane pilot who crashes in the Sahara Desert. Running out of food and water, and worrying over his predicament, the pilot is approached by the little prince, a young boy who asks him to draw him a sheep. The narrator obliges and the two become friends. As the pilot attempts to fix his airplane, the little prince tells his story. Through his tale, the pilot learns that the little prince actually comes from a small planet where he lived all alone with only a beautiful rose for company. In an attempt to cure his loneliness, he left the planet. On his journey, the prince encounters a king, a vain man, a drunkard, a businessman, a lamplighter and a geographer. At the geographer’s suggestion, the little prince visits Earth, but lands in the middle of the desert and cannot find any humans. Instead, he meets a snake who speaks in riddles and hints darkly that its lethal poison can send the little prince back to the heavens if he so wishes. Ignoring him, the little prince befriends a fox who teaches him, among other things, that the important things in life are visible only to the heart.

Zack Allen, Executive Director of Children’s Theater of Knoxville (CTK) said, “CTK is very excited about presenting a dramatic adaptation of this beloved children’s book. The story, which emphasizes themes of tolerance, friendship, and self-discovery, is one that is important for people of all ages. Its themes are especially relevant during the holiday season, when we will be performing the play!”

The Little Prince runs Fridays through Sundays, premiering December 5th and closing December 20th. The show plays each Friday evening at 7 PM, Saturday afternoons at 1PM and 4PM, and Sunday afternoons at 3PM. The Farragut Building is located at 530 S. Gay Street in downtown Knoxville, next to the historic Tennessee Theater.

For reservations, please call 865-599-5284. Reservations are recommended as most shows tend to sell out. Occasionally tickets may be purchased at CTK’s box office 30 minutes before show time.

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About The Children’s Theatre of Knoxville

The Children’s Theatre of Knoxville, Inc. is a non-profit corporation dedicated to producing meaningful theatrical productions for children and families, providing advanced theatrical instruction for children, and serving the community through drama-related outreach programs. CTK accepts charitable donations. Checks should be made to the Children’s Theatre of Knoxville. For more information, call 865-599-5284, visit or email

The Children’s Theatre of Knoxville was formed in 2007 by Zack Allen, who serves as the corporation’s Executive Director, and by Jenny Ballard, who serves as Artistic Director.


Sponsorship /donations
Children’s Theatre of Knoxville, Inc. (CTK) is a newly-formed non-profit 501(c) corporation, operating under Tennessee State Charter #0561570. Donations are tax deductable. Checks should be written and mailed to:
Children’s Theatre of Knoxville, Inc.
Po Box 3783 Knoxville, TN 37927

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