Monday, November 3, 2008

Children's Theatre of Knoxville could use you as a sponsor

Children's Theatre of Knoxville is starting rehearsal for the "Little Prince" today!

We have been very fortunate with the Knoxville Business Community helping us grow. Times are tough right now - but our kids are only kids once... If you can dig up a few dollars of support we could sure use the help.

The kids work hard for every dollar you donate in the production and spreading the word about your business. The kids hang over 150 posters, hand out 600 flyer's, post to the web and perform to an average of 675 people a production. We make sure every person we touch knows who our sponsors are and that they make the Children's Theatre possible.

We are also in need of furniture (specifically chairs for our theatre). If you can lend hand thank you in advance!

Our very generous sponsors have been:
Tennessee Valley Direct, Mortgage Investors Group / Kristin Abouelata, Fletcher PR, Mercy Health Partners, Jupiter Entertainment, Dan Lipe Design, Andrea Truan Design, Hardin Valley Animal Hospital, Trust Company / Jim Shelby, Regal Entertainment Group, Covenant Health Credit Union, Parkwest Medical Center

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