Friday, February 13, 2009

"THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS" Opens this weekend!


CTK will present its first show of 2009, as "The Wind in TheWillows" opens on next Friday (February 13) at 7 PM.

Here's the full-performance calendar:
Friday 2/13 at 7 PM

Saturday 2/14 at 1 PM and 5 PM

Sunday 2/15 at 3 PM

Thursday 2/19 at 7 PM

Friday 2/20 at 7 PM

Saturday 2/21 at 1 PM and 5 PM

Sunday 2/22 at 3 PM

Thursday 2/26 at 7 PM

Friday 2/27 at 7 PM

Saturday 2/28 at 1 PM and 5 PM

Mr. Toad's obsession with motor cars is causing his friends someconcern... especially considering he has crashed six cars in thepast few weeks! So, Mole, Rat and Old Mr. Badger decide to interveneon the poor amphibian's behalf and prevent him from harming himself orsomeone else. Meanwhile, Little Polly Otter has gone missing, and afamily of Weasels has taken over Toad Hall! This is a hilarious andheartwarming tale of friendship through trying times as well as aclassic adventure, complete with disguises, a prison escape, and a madtrain ride! Featuring a dozen of Knoxville's best child actors, this is alive theatre experience that both adults and children will find funnyand meaningful. Join us as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of thistimeless tale by author Kenneth Grahame that gets more relevant as it ages!Farragut Middle School student Connor Hess plays the car-obsessed Mr. Toad,and twelve other children also perform in the play. Mr. Toad's friends,Mole and Rat, are played by Caleigh Schaad and Holland Hysmith,respectively.

The villainous Jack Weasel is played by Kiernan Bensey, and his co-hortsJen, Tom, and Tilly are played by Jordan Bridges, Caroline Dyer, and JulianaPulsinelli. Little Polly Otter is being performed by nine-year-old AbigailCoughlin, while Bearden High School senior Ashlee Latimer plays her over-protective mother. Samantha Hatmaker plays a wayward Chauffeur, SophiaAbouelata plays the Town Jailer, Caitlin Kennedy plays the Jailer's Grand-Daughter, Naomi Lloyd plays the Train Worker, Bea, and Lauren Zinser playsthe dual roles of Allie the Train Engineer and the Constable. Retired WebbSchool educator Ron Gratz fills out the cast as Old Mr. Badger.

The play is being performed at Theatre Knoxville Downtown, our city'soldest continuously-operating community theatre. The theatre is locatedat 319 N. Gay Street, directly across the street from Regas Restaurant.

Free parking is available just a few steps from the door of the theatre inwrought-iron enclosed parking lot on the corner of Gay and Depot Streets.

Reservations are strongly recommended, since Theatre Knoxville is anintimate 60-seat performance space. Reservations made by calling 599-5284 or 258-2060, or by e-mailing Tickets are $9 per person. We are continuing our special rate with this show: any adult and child entering the theatre together may do so for $7 each.

The play is directed by CTK's Producing Director Zack Allen, and CarolNordstrom is the play's Stage Manager. Ellis Greer is serving as Costume Designer.

The play is sponsored by Schaad Companies and Jupiter Entertainment.

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Wind in the Willows