Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Wind in the Willows" performance today!

WOW! I hope that everyone in Knoxville gets the opportunity to see such an amazing performance.

Director Zack Allen defies gravity. Wind in the Willows is an absolute hit! This show belongs on the road. I cannot begin to describe the incredible performances. Each and every actor was amazing. The short cut is to tell you about the “Toad”, performed by Connor Hess. Connor nailed it! He is a toad – he is funny and has fully developed his character with an amazing attention to detail. Get his autograph now while you can. Mr. Hess certainly sets the bar in this show – however, not one of the actors backs down. In fact they bring it on. The opening show was so filled with laughter and clapping. I was having a difficult time hearing each and every word. That said you need to see this show.

By the way – did I mention the play was performed by children? Yes, “Wind in the Willows”, is a Children’s Theatre of Knoxville production. You would not know it… As soon as the lights come up you are drawn in by the amazing acting. Mr. Allen has taken a group of kids that in some cases are in their very first play and turned them into amazing actors. How someone accomplishes what Mr. Allen did in four weeks with literally no budget can only be described as magic!

If you have seen the show please post a comment – as a proud Dad of one of the cast members I do not want people to think I am biased. For that matter as a proud Dad I can say I have seen many many children plays and this one surpasses them all. In fact, I do not think it is fair to categories this as “Children’s Theatre”. This show, quite simply is quality theatre and great entertainment.

Take the family and have some fun with the classic “Wind in the Willows” that portrays a story more relevant today than when it was written.

This weekend’s performances for “Wind and the Willow”:
Saturday 2/21 at 1 PM and 5 PM
Sunday 2/22 at 3 PM

Reservations made by calling 599-5284 or 258-2060

The play is being performed at Theatre Knoxville Downtown, our city's oldest continuously-operating community theatre. The theatre is located at 319 N. Gay Street, directly across the street from Regas Restaurant.

Free parking is available just a few steps from the door of the theatre inwrought-iron enclosed parking lot on the corner of Gay and Depot Streets.

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Wind in the Willows